Franko has performed professionally as a magician and master hypnotist all over the United States, Canada and Mexico. Beginning in 1972, he has wowed audiences with his close-up “street magic” and grand stage illusions. In 1981 Franko began performing in the renaissance festival circuit as a stage act. In 1984, he set a world record for straightjacket escape while hanging from a burning rope. During a 1996 performance Franko became the first person to do an underwater escape while wrapped in 100 feet of chain in full view of the audience.

In 1997 Franko’s life and career drastically changed following an accident when an 18-wheeler rear-ended the car he was driving. At the peak of his career, Franko was paralyzed. He did not know if he would ever walk again, let alone do the work he loved. It was during the many difficult and painful therapy sessions Franko made a decision to use the power of his own mind to accomplish his latest goal: walking. Submerging himself in self-hypnosis, Franko decided to forego painkillers and therapy to instead focus his own inner strength towards recovery. Franko was able to regain his motor skills in one month. He eventually progressed to walking with the aid of only a cane. Today, Franko is free from walking aids. He now teaches people how to tap into their own hidden strength and abilities through the power of hypnosis.

Franko continues to perform throughout the United States, entertaining audiences at festivals, county fairs, corporate gatherings, casinos, colleges and high schools. Using his many years of experience as a stage performer, Franko presents an entertaining, humorous show that keeps the audience wanting more.