"Since starting to use all of Franko's self hypnosis therapy I have dramatically improved in the areas I really needed to fix and better in my life. As a small business owner who has big dreams with high expectations and great desire to succeed in all areas of life, I need true help starting from my subconscious mind. For over a year now I have been using Franko's hypnosis therapy when I need relief from stress or when I need a big boost of confidence to achieve another big goal or when I need to sleep peacefully without letting my mind race at night during sleep. I can truthfully and honestly say that these hypnosis therapy sessions have helped me achieve my business and personal goals in the last year. I am very thankful for these great tools and for giving it the opportunity to help me.

I was a winner of the 2013 Small Business Awards in Arizona. Here is me holding my award!"

David Carrizosa - AZ

"Words can not begin to express my gratitude for you and your Hypnosis. I purchased your Weight Management CD in February of 2009 at the Arizona Renaissance Festival. In the last year I have lost 83 pounds and gone from a size 28 to a size 16. I also have Type II Diabetes and it is now under control for the first time in 10 years; my doctor even took me off of my insulin. For the first time since I can remember I am happy with who I see looking back at me in the mirror. I can now play with my kids instead of watching them and wishing I could join in. I am even coaching volleyball for the elementary school I work at. Thank you so much for introducing me to Hypnosis. You have gained a Forever Fan!!"

- Sincerely, Kayce Westervelt - Queen Creek, AZ

"We had many skeptics in our group who thought the show would be a scam of some sort. Boy, were they wrong! We were thrilled with Franko! His performance was the funniest we've ever had. We'd recommend Franko to any group who needs a little humor and awe . . ."

- Beth Heiss, Project Specialist, CHS Inc.

"What a great experience!!!! Loved the CD! Everybody should try hypnosis. Franko makes you feel so comfortable. His voice can suck you into the best relaxing state ever. Makes you feel rejuvenated and ready to take on the world and your problems!"

- Kristie Johnson, Savage, MN.

"I was surprised and delighted with the weight loss results I've had since listening to Franko's CD. I wasn't sure that being hypnotized would work for me. I'm amazed to see myself putting my fork down between every bite and completely chewing my food before taking another bite! I have always been a fast eater and hadn't even thought about doing that! Since then, I have been steadily losing weight, even past the 10 pounds where I usually get stopped. I notice that my results are more consistent when I listen to the CD on a regular basis."

- Ann Bjorklund, Scottsdale, AZ

"The first time I experienced being hypnotized was when I had tried everything unsuccessfully to quit smoking. Hypnotism worked, and I am still not smoking, 12 years later. When I was invited to attend a weight loss session with a hypnotist I was so excited. I was ready to make another change in my life (especially since I was getting married and needed to fit in my wedding dress). When I met Franko I knew I would have a positive experience. The experience was amazing and I lost 10 pounds before my wedding. Also, I feel much happier overall because during the session I created a new vision of myself and as long as I keep that vision alive I keep making improvements."

- Sue Patineau, Orlando, FL

"Hi, my friend and I bought a cd from you at the Ren Fair in Sterling NY. It is on pain management. The cd is amazing. My friend Jill has had knee and hip pain for a few months now and the doctors can't figure out why. After listening to your cd a couple of times the pain went away. The first time she was sleeping within a couple of minutes. I'm a runner and have had achilles pain for a couple of months no matter what I do. It seems to hang on. After listening to your cd one time the pain went away and has been gone now for 5 days. We will continue to listen to the cd as long as it helps. Each time we hear it, it actually sounds a little bit different. Anyways, thanks! "

- Take care, Bob and Jill

"Dear Mr Franko, My husband and I saw you at the Sterling Renn Fair this summer (I ended up being the wife with the long lost husband on stage when we attended your show). I bought 2 CD's afterwards, one of which was the sleep CD for my husband. You'd asked me to let you know how it worked.

My husband LOVES it. He's been taking Lunesta for insomnia and that didn't even give him a full night's sleep. He'd wake up at 4am and end up getting up and doing work. With your CD, however, he can feel his whole body relax, and even if he wakes up at some ungodly hour, he is usually able to go back to sleep and get up at a more reasonable hour.

Thanks for making such a great product"

- Jane